Job Search Trends This Holiday Season

The surge in shopping and festivities around the holidays combine to create seasonal needs for employers and flexible opportunities for jobseekers. With more traffic and more jobs than any other site in the UK, Indeed has seen the demand for these types of jobs increase as both job searches and job postings for holiday work have ramped up in advance of the season.

Mid-November is peak time for holiday job search

peak time for holiday job search

For jobseekers, the hunt for holiday jobs begins as the summer comes to an end (see chart above). Searches for jobs with the keyword “Christmas” or “Seasonal” pick up in September and reach their peak in mid-November, dropping off as we get closer to Christmas.

These jobseekers are able to choose from thousands of available positions nationwide. Comparing the average number of jobs in October from 2012 to 2013, the number of jobs containing the same keywords increased by 21%.

Employers in retail and logistics have most seasonal jobs

Employers in retail and logistics have a particularly high need for additional employees during this time. We compiled a list of the employers with the greatest number of individual listings available on Indeed (see table below).

Employers with Most Seasonal Jobs (November 2013)


In addition to openings for typical retail and shipping positions, there are some jobs on Indeed that are unique to this time of year. Grottos are opening across the country, and demand for Santa and his helpers is high. There are over 50 Santa vacancies and more than 100 spots for Elves and other grotto assistants. There’s even a Reindeer Keeper position open in Cornwall.

Employers looking to connect with seasonal jobseekers can hire the best candidates by posting jobs directly on Indeed, writing detailed job descriptions and searching Indeed CV for people with relevant experience.