Indeed Client Story: Charles Schwab

For Frank Hynes, VP of Talent Acquisition at Charles Schwab, a key challenge in today’s recruiting landscape is to “go where the talent is or where it will be,” and to reach that talent quickly. Schwab’s goal, he says, is “to cut through all the clutter and really have Schwab stand as a beacon that would be attractive to the talent who would be successful here.”

Today, great candidates have great options and employers have to build strategies that make your jobs stand out from the rest. Understanding the metrics of recruiting performance is the foundation of attracting, hiring and retaining that pool of top talent. “Knowing the data is one thing, acting upon it is another,” says Hynes. “A big development is marrying the data together…with a set of activities that will capitalise on what the data is telling you.”

By partnering with Indeed, Frank’s team is able to precisely target the best-quality candidates while growing Charles Schwab’s employer brand. In three years, the number of hires from Indeed tripled from 5% to 15%. With the cost per hire from Indeed at $245–compared to $2,000 on traditional job boards–this partnership has been an effective way for Schwab to meet demand while controlling costs.

“I equate it to being very surgical,” he explains. “Indeed has helped us become a lot smarter. The positions at Schwab, as with any company, are very different…to be able to provide a hiring manager with that exact quality hiring pool that they’re looking for is one of the biggest benefits we’ve found from Indeed.”

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