Mapping the World of Job Search: Where People Look for Jobs & Why

9.1% of global job seekers are looking for jobs in another country. Learn about the latest trends in labour mobility in a new report from the Indeed Hiring Lab.

As the fierce global competition for the best talent ramps up around the world, where will candidates come from and how will employers attract people to the locations where jobs are available?

The latest report from the Indeed Hiring Lab, Where People Search for Jobs: Cross-Border Labor Mobility, examines what motivates people to look for jobs in another place, combining job search data with economic analysis to answer some of today’s most challenging questions about the movement of the global workforce.

In the original research conducted for this report, we studied people’s actual job searches, comparing their current location to the place they’re searching in. As opposed to historical or survey data, this approach enabled us to map the world of job search in the present. The graph below shows where candidates from 53 countries and economies with Indeed job sites are searching for jobs — revealing that 9.1% of global jobseekers conduct cross-border job searches.


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People often think of only the local population as being the main competition for local jobs, but if a relatively large number of outsiders are also looking for jobs in that area then the labour market may be more competitive than it appears. Our research revealed that there are effectively three global labour destinations: the US, UK and Canada. These countries attract candidates from all over the world, with the US receiving searches from 50.2% of international jobseekers.

In looking at BRIC emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China), we found that India is the only market with notable appeal to jobseekers in other countries. The report contains in-depth analysis of those key locations and other markets worldwide, providing a view of which countries and economies are most attractive along with which keywords jobseekers are using to find jobs in those places.

Turning our attention to the UK, we found that overall, 9.4% of people looking for jobs in the UK are currently located outside the country. Jobseekers looking for opportunities in the UK are primarily based in the US, India, Ireland, France and Spain. At the same time, people in the UK are looking for jobs in the US, France, Italy, Canada and South Africa — 9% of jobseekers in the UK are looking for jobs somewhere else. Jobseekers in the UK are the top source of search terms related to flexible work.

Where People Search for Jobs offers an expanded look at the global talent supply and where candidates are coming from. By revealing the interests and intents of jobseekers today, this free report uncovers the opportunities for employers to attract and retain the candidates who are relevant to their jobs, and understand why and where people move for work.

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