Mobile Now Accounts for Half of All Job Searches

Mobile job search traffic to Indeed has increased dramatically over the past year, growing from 33% of total traffic in 2013 to 50% today.

As smartphone ownership accelerates, job search has evolved from a desktop activity to a mobile one. Jobseekers now take their search with them, browsing opportunities when it’s most convenient for them. And, the way people access jobs on mobile is varied — while some search within an app, others click on job alerts from their email on a device. Mobile has made job search easier, enabling candidates to look for jobs wherever they are.

For employers, competing for the best talent means reaching high quality candidates when and where they’re receptive to the right job. In response to this trend, we launched Indeed Apply two years ago, so candidates could easily apply to jobs from mobile phones and tablets.

The infographic below shows the move towards mobile job search — candidates complete over 200,000 mobile applications each day, and over the last year, the number of these applies has quadrupled. And the results for companies who make their jobs available on mobile? They’ve seen applications from quality candidates double.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Mobile Has Changed Job Search

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