66% of Candidates Would Apply From Mobile

New research about how people use mobile devices in their job search

The average consumer in the UK now owns more than five digital devices, meaning that we’re more connected than ever before. People are now accustomed to accessing any information at any time, wherever they are. This shift in consumer behaviour has inspired innovation across all types of industries, including travel, retail and financial services. Now, the recruitment industry is being disrupted as well.

A survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Indeed reveals how people are using mobile in their current job searches, providing insight into the barriers they encounter and how their experience could be improved.

Today, 66% of people in the UK would apply to jobs on their mobile devices if the process were simplified — an unprecedented opportunity for employers to reach their talent audience at the moment when they’re receptive to a career move.

Three key trends from the study show a mobility mismatch between jobseekers and employers:

1. Jobseekers are looking for convenience

Convenience was cited by 55% of people as the core driver of mobile job search. 62% of people are using their mobile devices to search for jobs, and 41% of people use mobile because it’s quick, while 21% use mobile because they’re always on the go.

2. There are significant barriers to applying to jobs on mobile

While candidates understand the benefits of mobile job search, there are still technological concerns that employers have yet to overcome. 53% of respondents highlighted small screens and 34% cited difficulty tailoring their CVs to apply for different jobs as key barriers to applying on mobile devices today.

3. People want to take their job search with them

Candidates today are conducting their job searches when it’s convenient for them, with 47% citing their device’s closeness to hand as a top reason they turn to mobile. The result is that they’re often open to opportunities they might not have encountered otherwise. When asked about the role of job descriptions in their job search, 69% of employed jobseekers said that an interesting job description would prompt them to consider a new job.

The research shows that people in the UK welcome the rise of mobile job applications, despite the fact that many companies don’t offer a mobile-friendly apply process.

If you don’t have a dedicated career site, you can post your jobs on Indeed, and your jobs will be appropriately displayed on mobile devices — ready to receive applications from mobile candidates.

Any employer can seize the mobile opportunity. Contact us to learn more about how Indeed can help you reach candidates wherever they are.

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Indeed commissioned independent research with Censuswide in August 2014. The results are based on a poll of 3,374 consumers across UK, US and Australia.