The Most Important Mobile Lessons from 2014

Four lessons we learned about mobile jobseekers in 2014.

This year it became exceedingly clear that mobile recruiting is not a thing of the future — it’s a reality today. Each day on Indeed mobile jobseekers now submit over 200,000 applications and in 2014, mobile was an integral part of job search around the world.

As we reflect on the end of the year and plan for hiring in 2015, here are the most important things we learned about how jobseekers are using mobile.

1. 50% of all searches on Indeed are from a mobile device

Mobile job search traffic to Indeed has increased dramatically over the past year, growing from 33% of total traffic in 2013 to 50% today. As smartphone ownership accelerates, job search has evolved from a desktop activity to a mobile one. Jobseekers now take their search with them, browsing opportunities when and where it’s most convenient.

2. 66% of people would apply to jobs on mobile if the process were simplified

This trend will continue in 2015 and beyond, making it more important than ever for employers to take note of jobseeker behaviour and integrate mobile into their recruiting strategy. The opportunity for employers is to simplify the apply process by removing unnecessary steps. There is a 50% reduction in applications when the number of screener questions reaches 30, and 40 questions will reduce your audience by 70%.

3. Mobile candidates search for more jobs, more often

Because mobile jobseekers are ‘always on,’ they view two times as many jobs as desktop users do. Mobile jobseekers are more engaged and organisations who don’t have mobile apply are missing out on these candidates. To capture and retain their attention, jobs need to remain high in the search results, long after the date you initially posted them.

4. 45% of jobseekers using the Indeed app have a resume

A growing number of people who use the Indeed app have uploaded a resume. This is important for employers as it highlights how mobile jobseekers on Indeed are active and ready to apply for their next opportunity. Organisations who don’t have mobile apply already are missing out on the great candidates who are eager to share their credentials.

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