How the World Works

Indeed: How the World Works

As the leading job site in the UK and the world, we focus on helping millions of jobseekers and employers find the right fit every day. To let even more people know about the world of opportunities on Indeed, we’ve launched our new global brand campaign in the UK – ‘How the World Works.’

Each creative element of the campaign tells the the story of how diverse jobs combine to make something work – from a simple cup of coffee, to the complex workings of the London Underground or the global stock market.

The campaign centerpiece is a television commercial that highlights a core message – no matter what job you do each day, you are part of a team, contributing to a wider initiative. Rather than using actors to play an engineer or IT consultant in the advert, we put our own product to the ultimate test, using Indeed to source talent from all over the world to show ‘How Commercials Work.’

We hired industry professionals from six different countries – Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, UK and US. The resulting commercial celebrates the job of each person who was on the set with us, working together to produce a great outcome. You can watch the behind the scenes video to see how it happened.

The story of our commercial is similar to the 1.9 million stories shared by people who have found a job on Indeed – they all start with a simple yet powerful connection between jobseekers and employers. To bring that connection to life in the advert, we turned the Indeed logo into a 3D representation of some of the industries that hire on Indeed every day.

We hired designers, architects and engineers to turn each letter into a representative industry. The ‘I’ became retail, the ‘N’, transportation, the first ‘D’ was engineering. The two ‘E’s took the form of IT and accountancy. Lastly, our final ‘D’ represents one of the industries hiring the most on Indeed in the UK, healthcare.

Over the next few weeks we will invite you to meet the people and the stories behind the letters of Indeed. To learn more about how this campaign can help you hire, visit