Recruitment’s Gone Mobile

Job search is now mobile

The world is now mobile, and everyday activities from selecting a restaurant to reading the news have been transformed. Talent acquisition is no different, and as smartphone ownership has accelerated, job search has evolved from a desktop activity to a mobile one.

Jobseekers now take their search with them, browsing opportunities when it’s most convenient. Mobile has made job search easier, enabling candidates to look for jobs wherever they are. Half of all job search traffic to Indeed comes from mobile devices — with mobile job applications rising each month. Preparing for this trend is both a challenge and tremendous opportunity for talent acquisition professionals.

It’s become increasingly important for organisations to offer candidates a mobile-optimised job search experience and provide an easy way for people to apply to your jobs on any device. Indeed data shows that employers who accept mobile applications receive twice as many quality applicants.

Join our webinar, where we’ll share:

  • Why many employers aren’t mobile, and what is needed to get started
  • Optimising your jobs for today’s mobile job seeker
  • The key recruitment metrics you should be measuring and why
  • Preparing your organisation for the mobile moment

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