The Importance of Service at Indeed

In Client Services at Indeed, our promise is to deliver quality to our clients, partners and teammates worldwide. This brand promise purposely has a lot of meanings – we strive to deliver a high quality of applicant for our clients so those candidates will convert into hires, and we have a culture of providing high-quality support for one another in making Indeed a great place to work. That promise fits in well with Indeed’s mission of helping people get jobs.

We believe that every Indeed client deserves an incredible service experience, regardless of your company’s size, location, industry, hiring budget or number of jobs. Some companies in our industry don’t think this way, but meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes is essential for us. We regularly see that our team’s service efforts provide a unique client experience that would not have happened otherwise.

Here are some examples:

“This was the best customer service I’ve had in years. David’s response was very prompt (if not immediate). He understood my issue and gave me a clear explanation. He replied by both e-mail and by phone call. Until now, I have only used Indeed for looking for jobs for myself, but I am very happy with the service as an employer.”

“Clarissa has helped bring our company to a new level of recruitment with the outstanding service both she and Indeed have given our organisation. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Clarissa always goes above and beyond in her levels of service and always acts promptly on any questions or queries we may have. It is a pleasure working with both Clarissa and Indeed.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Liz over the last 10 months. Her level of service is far superior to many other job boards that I deal with. Liz always comes back to me super fast and deals with any requests I may have. Liz is not only extremely knowledgeable on all things Indeed, but super friendly too and just lovely to work with. I’ve enjoyed having a quarterly catch up over lunch too as it not only gives us a chance to talk business, but it’s also nice to build that relationship and rapport.”

“Lindsay was GREAT!! Very helpful and the only reason I re-opened my posting was because of her help.”

“Due to Greg’s customer service and skills Indeed has been my favourite recruiting site to work with and I recommend it to all recruiters.”

“Simon is very quick to respond to requests, sometimes doing so out of working hours. He is also extremely proactive in spotting issues that need attention. His approach is appreciated by all involved.”

Some members of Indeed's UK Client Services team.
Every time I have an amazing customer service experience, I think about how we can do something similar at Indeed, and I encourage my entire team to think the same way. If you’re a client and need help, please let us know. If you’re passionate about providing great service, we’re hiring worldwide.