The Christmas Job Hunt Has Already Begun

Job searches for seasonal posts are up 126% since the beginning of August

As of this Tuesday, summer is well and truly behind us. Autumn has officially begun, and you can see the shift in the seasons as clearly in the job-search trends as you can in the falling of the leaves.

While Christmas still feels a ways off, now is the time for companies to finalise their holiday recruitment plans and fill posts in retail and shipping in preparation for one of the busiest shopping periods of the year.

Jobseekers looking for seasonal work are attuned to these patterns, and we examined the number of searches for Christmas-related jobs from the end of August through the beginning of September to see if they’d begun looking for their seasonal posts yet.

Over those two weeks, there was a 126% increase in search queries around “Christmas” and a 96% increase in the number of jobs that included “Christmas,” meaning that those seeking temporary or flexible work around the Christmas period are already planning ahead.

More and more, we see that candidates are aware of what’s happening in the labour market — when opportunities become available and where those jobs are located. The latest report from the Indeed Hiring Lab shows that the level of job search in a given location is driven by the number of jobs available there. As the economy continues to improve and employers compete for the attention of top candidates, understanding when and where people are searching for jobs will become increasingly important.

Today, jobseekers want to conveniently and quickly access information on their next career opportunity — in the UK more than 50% of traffic to Indeed comes from mobile devices. Our recent study on mobile job search found that 63% of job seekers would rather apply via mobile where possible.

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