Using Data Insights to Attract Great Candidates

Metrics-driven recruitment webinar

Not long ago, newspaper adverts and faxed resumes were staples of the recruitment process. Sorting through paper CVs and organising candidates in rudimentary databases were the best ways of filtering applications. Decisions about improving recruitment strategies had to be made on gut feelings rather than tangible facts. Under this model, success was both hard to measure and difficult to define.

Today, times have changed. HR is becoming more strategic and data-driven as it moves away from the “post and pray” model. Increasingly, talent acquisition teams use automated source tracking to understand what recruiting activity is most effective — and the smartest companies have a process for feeding these insights back into the organisation. This approach enables them to make informed recruitment advertising decisions based on data.

Join our webinar on metrics-driven recruitment, where we’ll share:

  • Why automated source tracking is the only reliable way to determine where candidates come from
  • What steps you can take to build a metrics-driven recruitment strategy
  • The recruitment metrics your organisation should be tracking

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