How the Healthcare Industry Works

How the healthcare industry works

In 2012, healthcare spending in the UK totaled £144.5 billion, 9.2% of GDP. Today, the public and private healthcare sectors employ close to 3 million people, making it one of the largest areas of employment in the nation. Growth in healthcare employment is expected to continue as the UK faces up to an ageing population and increasing demand for health-related services.


How the Healthcare Industry Works

Healthcare occupations make up 7.1% of the labour market in the UK. An ageing population and the rise of advanced treatments and technologies have made healthcare into a €144.5 billion industry in the UK. There are nearly 40,000 nurse jobs on Indeed.


As a primary source of healthcare job search and recruiting in the UK, Indeed has seen increasing demand for healthcare professionals throughout 2014. With strong year over year growth, Indeed now has more healthcare roles than any other site in the UK.

Avery Healthcare is one employer in the healthcare space currently using Indeed to reach a wide range of talent across the UK. Avery operates nursing care homes throughout the UK, and as Angus Matthew, Marketing and Development Manager, explains, “Recruitment has always been a challenge in an industry characterised by a high turnover of staff with a healthcare background.”

Avery is a company that’s expanding rapidly and recently doubled in size through acquisitions. Understandably, this growth necessitated a fast and effective recruitment pipeline. “As one of the first UK based companies to utilise Indeed, our pipeline of candidates is now 100% driven by Indeed,” says Matthew.

One of Avery’s goals has been to make their jobs accessible on any device. Matthew notes, “The immediate challenge is for our company to be able to access the growing volume of mobile traffic. Indeed’s mobile based application software is viewed as a crucial part of this development.”

“Indeed also provides a cost efficient platform for our recruitment needs combining the sponsored jobs product with organic listings,” Matthew continues. “Response times are impressive too, with CVs arriving just a few hours after the recruitment need is identified.”

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