3 Ways Marriott Approaches Metrics Driven Recruitment

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Indeed Client Story_ Marriott UKNot too long ago, employers had their pick of the best candidates for many roles. Today, the market is more competitive and companies need to invest to make their jobs stand out.

This was the challenge Marriott was facing in London. With some of the leading restaurants and hotels in the city, this top hospitality brand is in continual need of great people for positions that range from chefs and hospitality staff to engineers and spa therapists.

Jamie Shipp is a Chef Recruitment Manager who oversees the culinary recruitment needs of 19 properties. There are three ways he approaches metrics driven recruitment — tactics that encouraged Marriott to partner with Indeed to attract the candidates they needed.

1. Focus campaigns on key jobs

The benefit for Jamie was that all the roles he needed to fill were already on Indeed. He and his team could then choose to sponsor positions to reach the right candidates, attracting people to their most competitive positions. “We were able to sponsor jobs individually so we could see how they were performing,” he says. By closely monitoring each job in the campaign, Marriott could make strategic choices about how to attract jobseekers to key roles.

2. Leverage a database of potential candidates

While continuing to sponsor jobs on a pay for performance model, Marriott also searched on Indeed CV to find candidates with the precise skills and experience they needed. This was a database of candidates that they could search for free and draw from at any time. The combination of these tactics ensured that Jamie could fill open jobs.

3. Measure your cost per hire

Across the whole campaign, Marriott saw an average cost per hire of £200 and filled some roles for as little as £51 after only two and a half weeks of being advertised. Seeing these results made it possible for their to make strategic decisions about the recruitment budget, giving them the information they needed to know which sources performed best and how they should invest in the future.

“All of our roles are represented on Indeed,” explains Jamie. “And we choose which ones to sponsor, and we can do that in a strategic way…With traditional means of recruiting, that’s not always the case.”

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