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With millions of qualified candidates creating CVs on Indeed every month, organisations around the globe are turning to Indeed CV to find the right candidates by searching for the exact skills and expertise their organisation needs.

Indeed CV provides a simple way for employers to find talent — just as people use Indeed to search for jobs, recruiters and hiring managers use Indeed CV to search for, and connect with, prospective hires. The large pool of candidates using Indeed CV enables recruiters to get targeted results in an instant.

Talent acquisition professionals can search using one or two fields — they also have the option to drill down and create specific searches based on a candidate’s experience and education. For instance, the advanced search feature makes it easy to find someone as specific as a “Bilingual Engineer” with 3-5 years of experience in London. Recruiters can sign up to receive free email alerts, and get a summary of newly added and recently updated CVs which match their search query.

Indeed CV makes it simple to search for quality candidates, and here are three tips to contact candidates successfully.

1. Personalise your message

Recruiters can increase the chances of a candidate responding to their message by referencing the jobseeker’s skills and experience, and clearly explaining how they are the right match for the role. Personalising a message takes more time, but it demonstrates the recruiter has spent time researching the candidate and leads to more responses from quality jobseekers.

2. Explain the opportunity

When reaching out to candidates on Indeed CV, give as much detail as possible about the role, benefits offered and company culture. Hiring managers should try to anticipate a candidate’s questions by including answers to common queries. This message is a chance to make a great first impression that will attract candidates to your opportunity.

3. Make yourself available

Organisations should always consider what’s best for the jobseeker, which means providing enough information so a candidate understands the role and how to proceed with the application process. Recruiters should be open and available, sharing their name, the company they are recruiting for, and a link to the job posting. By providing these details, recruiters can humanise the process and engage quality candidates.

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