Nearly 50% of Job Postings in the UK Remain Unfilled After 30 Days

49% of jobs in the UK remain unfilled after 30 days

On average, 49% of job vacancies in the UK remain unfilled after one month. That’s one in two vacancies that stay open after 30 days, and 27% of job vacancies are still open after three months. Put another way — if a job vacancy is not filled within the first month, there is a 56% chance that the vacancy will remain unfilled for months to come.

Even a short delay in hiring can lead to a reduction in company productivity. In the long term, this delay can result in longer working hours for existing staff. With limited human resources, quality of work suffers.

Capturing the attention of great candidates from the moment a job posting goes up is one way to shorten the lag between posting a job and filling it.

In today’s competitive market where many employers are searching for select candidates, the way a company communicates with prospective employees is crucial. Job titles and descriptions are some of the first pieces of your employer brand that a candidate interacts with. You can increase the appeal and effectiveness of your job titles and descriptions by taking note of the real terms that job seekers are using to find the jobs they want.

Indeed data shows, for example, that a job title like “Marketing Events Coordinator” will attract more candidates than “Marketing Coordinator III.” This is likely because someone with experience coordinating events can search for, click on and apply to the former, while the latter is an internal distinction that job seekers won’t be aware of.

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