How Candidates Search for Jobs Today [Free Webinar]

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Over the last decade people have become accustomed to using websites to search for everything from holidays to restaurants to apartments. Many of our daily decisions now begin with search — including job search. Today, talented candidates turn to job search engines to find their next opportunity.

On a job search engine, people can find all the jobs in one place without having to visit multiple career sites or job boards. This is the easiest way for candidates to search for the right job online. It’s this comprehensiveness and ease of use which has helped Indeed become the leading job site worldwide.

Employers can respond to changing jobseeker behaviour by being present at exactly the moment someone is searching for a job — what we call the jobseeker moment of truth. We define this as the moment a jobseeker goes online to start learning about a job or company. The jobs they see at that exact moment are the ones that are relevant, and most importantly visible. In a candidate’s market being visible at the right moment is even more significant, especially as most candidates view just 33 jobs and never click on 99% of the jobs that appear in search results.

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