Good Economic News for Recent Grads

Indeed data show that employment options for graduates on are on the rise

Over the course of the slow economic recovery, employers have hired cautiously, a practice that was particularly felt by new graduates who need employers to take a relative risk on their lack of experience. After five years of challenging market conditions, the tables are finally turning for the class of 2015. Recent economic growth and a strong labour market have made this year a good one to be throwing a mortar board up in the air, particularly for those with qualifications in Finance, Computer Science and Architecture.

According to the latest Indeed data on graduate jobs in the UK, it’s good news for the 120,000 students on a Business Management course in 2015 as there has been a 33% increase in the number of advertised graduate positions. It comes as no surprise in the UK, where the services industry accounts for 77% of GVA.

Computer and Mathematical related occupations also saw strong growth, with a 40% increase in the number of graduate roles available on Indeed from year to year. This increase is perhaps a reflection of the changing skills required by the today’s businesses as having a competitive advantage in technology becomes key to success.

Perhaps surprisingly, the strongest year-on-year growth came from the Architecture and Engineering industry, which saw a 53% increase in roles. However, when you look into the performance of industries that drive recruitment in Architecture and Engineering the picture becomes clear. Increasing activity in the construction industry, both residential and commercial, has led to an increasing demand across supporting industries.

Employment Opportunity for Recent Graduates
Occupation Year over year growth
for all jobs in the UK
Year over year growth
for graduate jobs in the UK
25.51% 22.80%
Business and Financial Operations
18.10% 33.49%
Computer and Mathematical
22.70% 40.05%
Architecture and Engineering
38.26% 53.33%
Life Physical and Social Sciences
36.01% 23.13%
Education, Training and Library
24.52% 20.99%

These Indeed data show the increase in graduate roles when compared with the percentage increase in “non-graduate jobs.” This benchmark highlights the rapid increase seen specifically in the graduate market—the competition for this group of the workforce is likely to increase over the coming years as businesses once again battle it out for the most skilled worker.

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