The Importance of Conversion Tracking

Indeed Conversion Tracker helps employer measure the success of their recruitment campaigns

A recent study from Deloitte shows that while 75% of companies believe that HR analytics are “important” only 8% feel that their organisation is strong in this area. Overall, analytics in HR is seen as the second-biggest capability gap for organisations, falling just behind the need to build better leadership.

Growing analytical capabilities within your HR team may seem like a daunting task but there are some steps towards becoming more data driven that may not require that much effort. If you’re just at the start of becoming a more analytical HR function, there are automated tools that are free and easy to implement.

In recruitment in particular, there’s a constant need for information on which advertising sources are bringing in great hires. Media sources that worked well in the past may no longer be delivering quality candidates and newer platforms might be doing better than expected—yet without conversion tracking, you wouldn’t know which source brought in the highest quality applicants and which ones are underperforming.

Conversion Tracker is a free tool from Indeed that shows you the number of applications, application percentage and cost per applicant delivered by Indeed. It is one way to track the applications that come from your Sponsored Jobs and takes just a few minutes to install. You can do this by adding a simple piece of code to your website, and requires no implementation time or IT support. It can also be easily integrated within your ATS, Google Tag Manager or third party tracking such as DoubleClick or MediaMind. Even if you don’t have an ATS, you can use Conversion Tracker and take the first step to becoming more data driven.

How does it work? When a job seeker clicks on your company’s Sponsored Jobs on Indeed, Conversion Tracker adds a cookie to their browser. This cookie follows them through the application process. Once the job seeker arrives at the page containing the conversion tracking code, the tracker lets you know a conversion took place.

Once you’ve integrated Conversion Tracker, you’ll receive real-time data in your Indeed performance report showing you how many people are applying for your jobs. Conversion data will help your whole recruitment team make decisions about what’s working for your organisation, and can ensure that no recruitment advertising dollar goes unaccounted for.

If you’d like to install Conversion Tracker to your jobs or discuss how Indeed can bring more analytics to your company, contact us.