Can Your Recruitment Strategy Survive an Increasingly Competitive Market?

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With unemployment in the UK at its lowest level in nearly 7 years, competition for top talent has intensified. While all employers are finding it hard to source qualified candidates, large consulting firms face the added challenge of sourcing specialised expertise across a range of functional areas.

EC Harris is one such London-based consulting firm, providing a range of services to help clients make the most from the money they spend on built assets. The company hires candidates who can provide the right mix of industry knowledge and professional skills to help clients optimise the building and operating of their assets. Here are two ways the firm’s recruitment strategy succeeds even as the market becomes more competitive.

Give jobseekers the best search experience

On Indeed, construction industry job postings in the UK have grown 5% over the past year, while jobseeker views to those jobs have increased 12%. With so many jobseekers ready to search for and apply to these jobs, EC Harris needs to be strategic about how to reach them.

Bill Maynard, Recruitment and Resource Lead at EC Harris, says he’s tasked with recruiting about 1,000 candidates this year. “We look after getting the right bodies into the organisation at the right time and at the right cost.” This includes filling roles like program managers, project managers and quantity surveyors, along with business and environmental advisors.

“If we were to go to one source, one job board for each of those areas, it would cost us way too much,” Bill says. “We needed to find a place that generates candidates from all of those places … And I find that Indeed does that and it does it very well.”

Being able to find all these jobs in one place is beneficial to jobseekers. It enables them to find the jobs that are the most relevant to them and apply when and where it’s convenient. In a competitive market where candidates are busy and have many options, the ease of their search means a great deal.

Make jobs accessible on mobile

Mobile technology has enabled more of our daily activities to take place on the go, and 66% of people we surveyed in the UK say they would apply for a job via mobile if the process were easier.

“Recruiting has changed—it’s a completely different market than it once was. We live in a day and age now where you can apply for a job on your mobile on the train on your way home,” Bill says.

Removing mobile hurdles for jobseekers can mean the difference between attracting the best candidates or losing them because they can’t find your job on mobile. Indeed is the #1 mobile job search app in the UK, and when candidates use this app, they can easily access all of EC Harris’ job postings.

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