New Research on the Tech Talent Shortage in Europe [Full Report]

A new report from the Indeed Hiring Lab reveals how tech candidates search for jobs in Europe, with a special focus on the UK.

There is a global shortage of tech talent—a shortage that is felt across Europe and particularly in the UK. The central challenge for employers is not only finding enough candidates, but also winning out over the competition who is recruiting from the same, limited pool.

New research from the Indeed Hiring Lab, a global research institute committed to advancing the knowledge of human resource and talent management professionals worldwide, takes an in-depth look at what’s happening in the tech jobs market.

Additional analysis on that same jobs market in Europe and the UK zooms in on the specific circumstances of tech employers in the region and across the country, revealing where the best opportunities to reach in-demand candidates lie. The resulting report, Opportunities and Challenges for European Tech Employers, provides insights on where and how tech candidates are searching for their next opportunity.

Among the key findings, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands are shown to have somewhat of a competitive advantage in attracting international jobseekers interested in tech. The data reveals that jobseekers from abroad are significantly more interested in those three markets than others in Europe—a promising sign for London’s booming tech scene.

In fact, the research shows that tech jobseekers are disproportionately attracted to London. While the capital is the dominant tech center in the UK, several other markets are strong as well and offer more tech jobs per capita than the Silicon Roundabout.

Get the full report to learn more about how jobseekers and employers are responding to one another in this competitive field.

Get the full report from the Indeed Hiring Lab, "Opportunities and Challenges for European Tech Employers"