The Majority of People Look At Jobs Monthly

16 million unique visitors came to in October

With UK unemployment currently at 5.4%, the lowest figure for seven years, companies are facing competitive hiring conditions. As the economy continues to strengthen the availability of skilled labour will be essential for organisations looking to maximise their growth.

Many organisations have traditionally believed that in tight labour markets investment in attracting talent should be weighted towards outbound recruitment. This stems from a belief that in order to reach skilled candidates, you need to use proactive recruitment techniques to reach those who are already employed.

But recently, those beliefs have begun to change. A survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Indeed found that the majority of people actively and frequently look for jobs. The survey found that 85 per cent were looking for job opportunities and 63 per cent were looking at least monthly.

The UK economy is picking up, and jobseekers are keeping a pulse on emerging opportunities

In the wake of the global financial crisis, it appears that candidates have become savvier—they keep a pulse on the job market and continually think about their career trajectory. These findings are backed up by data on how jobseekers in the UK are using Indeed. More than 16 million unique visitors came to in October alone, an increase of 23 per cent year over year.

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