4 Ways to Optimise Your Indeed CV

Tips to help you optimise your CV

Every day thousands of employers search for candidates using Indeed CV. But with 2 million new CVs added each month, how can you make sure employers find yours?

The best CVs entice potential employers, clearly communicate how the candidate is a great fit for the role and use data to highlight achievements. By taking the time to understand the type of job you want and tailoring your CV accordingly, you can increase your chances of an employer getting in touch. Here are four tips to ensure your CV catches the attention of potential employers:

1. Use your headline and summary to stand out

Your headline on Indeed CV is as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. We recommend including a title that reflects the type of job you’re targeting or one that accurately describes your expertise. Use your summary to briefly highlight achievements, skills, professional attributes, industry qualifications and training. Employers value this information, and CVs on Indeed with a headline or summary are 2X more likely to be contacted by employers than those without.

2. Research what employers are looking for

Review job descriptions to understand what skills and experience top employers seek in potential candidates. Use this information to tailor your CV and demonstrate how you’re the right fit for the role. You can also search and view CVs of other candidates who have the type of job you’re looking for to gain insight into the experience and skills employers value.

3. Include relevant keywords

Indeed CV matches employer search queries to relevant candidates. To ensure your CV appears in search results, include commonly used keywords, phrases and terminology for the types of jobs you’re interested in. Also, if you include acronyms in your CV, spell out the term and include the acronym in parentheses to ensure these qualifications aren’t overlooked.

4. Highlight measurable success in addition to responsibilities

To illustrate the value you’ll bring to a prospective employer, emphasise the results you’ve delivered in previous roles. Where possible, focus on specific projects or deliverables, explain how you had an impact and include metrics to quantify your success. This information helps employers assess the impact you have made in your role and understand the potential value you’ll bring to a new one.

To help you find the right job for your skills and experience, create your Indeed CV today.

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