We Gave 2 People Their Dream Jobs for a Day. Here’s What They Learned.

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After pay, location and flexibility, a variety of factors can influence a candidate’s decision to change jobs. Our 2015 Talent Attraction Study found that 33% of employed jobseekers would be attracted to new opportunities that provide meaningful work, and 28% would be attracted to jobs that were the “right fit.”

And more and more people are taking on part-time and second jobs to explore new careers. Of all the job postings on Indeed in the UK, 7.6% are part-time jobs. And these jobs are some of the most highly sought after. Queries for part-time jobs are among the fastest growing job searches in the country and “part time” was the most popular search term in the first week of the new year.

How do exploratory jobs support people’s decisions to pursue new careers? We gave two jobseekers an exclusive opportunity to have their dream jobs for a day as a way to help them earn some industry experience.

Mari Wilson, account director at a leading advertising agency

Mari is earning her masters in creative advertising at Edinburgh Napier University. Her dream job was to work in an advertising with a focus on copywriting.

“Adverts have become part of our culture and are influenced by, and influence, everything we do,” Mari said. “Spending a day seeing firsthand what goes on inside an advertising agency would be an incredible and inspirational experience, one I would never forget.”

Mari was exposed to a variety of corporate advertising teams working for MediaCom for a day. She met with company leaders to learn more about the future of media and creative agencies and how technology is keeping agencies on their toes. One of the highlights of her experience was participating in a brainstorm with Google to explore how media agencies and publishers work together to create new advertising solutions.

“I had a fantastic day and learned a lot. Media was an industry I had previously not known a lot about. Now, I feel it is one I would definitely love to be involved with, and hope to find some work experience around Edinburgh to compliment my day in London.” —Mari Wilson, account director for a day

Theo Bird, radio presenter at Absolute Radio

Theo is currently working for a health company in Reading. Being an avid radio listener, he discovered his passion for radio broadcasting after hosting his first radio show while studying at Leicester University. This experience helped him realise his dream job would be to become a radio presenter.

As a radio presenter for a day at Absolute Radio, Theo participated in an in-depth training course to learn the ins and outs of presenting. He immediately applied his new skills in the studio to record voice breaks.

Theo Bird gets his dream job as an Absolute Radio presenter for a day.

“This experience definitely made me realise that radio presenting is what I want to do, despite there being a long long way to go to success,” adds Theo. “The beauty of radio presenting for me is that, once you find your style, essentially you just have to be yourself. I will be trying to gain as much experience in radio as I can in 2016 whilst also balancing my current job.”

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