How a Leading UK Not-For-Profit Hires Talented Caregivers

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The number of people in the UK aged 75 or older is expected to rise by 89% to nearly 10 million by mid-2039, and these older members of the population are more likely to require long-term care. This trend is leading to rising demand for talent in the care sector—a sector that reportedly faces a potential shortfall of 1 million workers over the next 20 years.

As the largest not-for-profit housing and care provider in England, Anchor is facing this demand for talent head on. The organisation cares for more than 40,000 older people in 1,000 facilities, and to support its mission of providing happy living for the years ahead, Anchor relies on thousands of employees to provide compassionate daily care to its residents.

To confront the growing talent shortage, Anchor National Recruitment Manager Chris Wray has explored new strategies and recruitment sources to attract jobseekers to these hard-to-fill roles.

Building an employer brand to attract candidates

Anchor staff know how rewarding their work can be, but they recognise that many jobseekers haven’t considered a career in care. Wray hopes to change this by educating candidates about the value of Anchor’s work and the potential offered by a career in the care industry.

“I never would have thought of myself going into the care sector,” Wray says. “It’s absolutely fantastic, but it comes down to education. It’s getting people to understand our brand and what we actually stand for.”

Anchor recruiters work to get this message out through online resources, like the company’s career site and Indeed Company Page, which promote Anchor’s mission and values:

“Care and housing for older people is our business. But it’s also our passion. We’re always looking for like-minded, caring people to join us and help to make a real difference to the lives of our customers.”

Using data to identify the best recruitment sources

Anchor has historically used traditional job boards and media advertisements, but today more and more applications come through online sources. Since sponsoring their jobs on Indeed, the Anchor team has increased applications and made 153 hires over several months.

By analysing click data available from Indeed, Wray and his team can track each conversion point in the application process and direct more budget to the leading sources of successful hires. As a result, Wray says Anchor is reducing its reliance on job boards, and Indeed is standing out as the organisation’s top talent source.

As competition for skilled caregivers escalates in coming years, Anchor is poised to reach more of the right candidates—enabling them to continue providing invaluable services to individuals and families across England.

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