Case Study: How Westminster Homecare Partner With Indeed

By offering access to a huge talent pool, Indeed help ensure that Westminster Homecare can provide continuous care to vulnerable adults in their homes.


Westminster Homecare provide care to the elderly and disabled within their own homes, allowing them to remain as independent as possible.  Westminster Homecare have 21 offices across London, Surrey, Kent, East Midlands, the home counties and the east of England offering the highest quality of care every day.  Westminster Homecare employ over 2500 staff and are always looking for passionate caring individuals to join their team.

Before Indeed, Westminster Homecare struggled to keep a steady flow of applicants coming through, wasting money on advertising and job fairs that just didn’t work.  Westminster Homecare needed a solution that could offer them company-wide support and access to applicants suitable to their needs whilst staying within budget.

Indeed is fantastic in its entirety, says Adanma Okonta, national recruiting manager of Westminster Homecare.


For Westminster Homecare, delivering a high volume of quality applications for their roles is imperative.  With this in mind, the main focus over the past few years has been on maximising the available talent pool and reaching the right candidates through Sponsored Jobs.

Recently, Westminster Homecare have implemented Indeed CV database access across their whole company, enabling their recruiters to reach a wider pool of talent, both active and passive.


After analysing the data, Westminster Homecare were able to make an informed decision to switch from Indeed hosted jobs to indexed jobs.  This removed the manual process of posting jobs individually, enabling Indeed to take (scrape) Westminster Homecare’s jobs and sponsor them directly from their main website.

In making this switch, Westminster Homecare were still able to utilise the Indeed Apply feature.  Indeed Apply is a must-have for any employer looking to advertise their jobs, enabling and empowering candidates to apply directly via a single click for any given role without having to leave their search.

"Using Indeed has made a direct impact on Westminster's Homecare's business"  Adanma Okonta

Another important objective for Westminster Homecare was to increase quality of applicants without increasing quantity.  To help influence this, Indeed initially changed the way in which Westminster Homecare were sponsoring their positions.

Typically on Indeed, employers like to specify how much budget each position being sponsored should get.  Employers set a monthly budget and only pay when a candidate clicks to view their job. Employers decide how much to spend and Indeed deliver relevant, high-quality candidate traffic.

For Westminster Homecare, combining the budget for multiple positions into a single campaign enabled the amount being spent to be distributed across the numerous roles they were looking to fill.  For Westminster Homecare, this opened up the opportunity to start making data-driven decisions based on how certain roles were faring in comparison to similar positions under the same budget.

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