How Indeed Hire is Helping UK Employers Address Bandwidth Constraints

Whether recruitment is one item on your ever-growing “to do” list or if you have dedicated staff running the process end-to-end, hiring can feel like a never-ending task – especially in today’s climate.

Since COVID-19, the job market has changed. Some industries, like healthcare, are facing shortages of candidates. Others are experiencing a higher volume of applicants for each open role, as the demand for jobs has increased. Regardless of industry, you may not always be able to predict the volume and urgency of your business’s recruitment needs, which makes it even more difficult to determine how much bandwidth you’ll need.

Along with the element of unpredictability, we know that recruitment is also a function filled with time-consuming, yet essential tasks – starting from the moment you post a job online to your new employee’s first day.

We recognized there was an opportunity to design an innovative solution for talent acquisition. Indeed’s mission is to Help People Get Jobs, so it only made sense to also ask ourselves, “How can we help employers hire more easily?”

Our response: Indeed Hire.

In 2016, we set out to find a way to leverage our scale as the world’s #1 job site* and use cutting-edge technology to create an accessible pay-per-hire recruitment service. After conducting over 300 experiments, recruiting for over 90,000 jobs, and evaluating over 6.5 million candidates, Indeed Hire was born.

Experimenting and testing (and then testing, again!) help us understand exactly which aspects of the hiring process are best optimized using recruitment technology, and which steps come to life with a human touch. Automation alone can’t infuse the hiring process and candidate experience with some of the most vital parts of recruitment: intuition, empathetic communication, and relationship-building.

Indeed Hire strives to find the perfect balance of tech and human influence for your unique hiring process –and only charges 10% of your new recruit’s starting salary after you’ve made a final decision.

Since Indeed Hire launched in the United States in 2016, we’ve helped thousands of employers to make successful hires. We’ve celebrated a lot of wins, and are always learning and refining our service so we can continue to benefit even more jobseekers and businesses.

Now, we’re testing Indeed Hire in the UK.

Equipped with our learnings and successes running Hire in the United States, we’re excited to bring Indeed Hire to the UK market. The industries where Indeed Hire has seen the most success in the US, such as healthcare, light industrial, sales, and customer support, are areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact in the UK as well.

Since launching in the UK, we have already helped a business make a hire within 2 weeks! Plugging into our database of over 14.1 million CVs, we’re excited for Indeed Hire to continue to source and deliver the most qualified candidates to UK employers as part of our end-to-end recruitment service.

As the labour market continues to change, Indeed Hire can help alleviate your organization’s bandwidth constraints in the hiring space, so you can focus on other priorities that contribute to your long term business strategy. We’ll do the heavy-lifting, so you can keep growing.

We’re thrilled to have already partnered with numerous UK businesses to source, screen and submit candidates for interviews. We’ve started helping to fill open roles that span functions like nursing, home care, management, and customer support.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come. Indeed Hire contributes to Indeed’s overall mission to Help People Get Jobs, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds in the UK.

Right now is a great time to give us a try – whether your business is slowly reopening or you’re simply looking to bring more hands on deck.

We’re looking forward to helping you hire!

* Comscore, Total Visits, March 2019