Indeed and Shaw Trust: Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

Indeed is proud to announce a long-term partnership with Shaw Trust – one of the UK’s largest providers of employment services.

The partnership will help long term unemployed people back into the workforce with a series of activities and supports, forming part of Indeed’s commitment to help 1 million jobseekers around the world find employment by 2024.

Shaw Trust will play a key role in these efforts and we are excited about working together to help people get jobs.

Indeed CEO Chris Hyams said, “Covid-19 turned the jobs market upside down and looking for work right now can feel challenging. With fewer opportunities because of the pandemic, many people have suffered a jolt to their confidence and feel they do not know where to turn to next in their search for work.”

“For those who are struggling, Indeed is here to help and that is why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Shaw Trust and a programme of free activities hosted by the new Confidence Ambassador.”

“These sessions are designed to help navigate people of all backgrounds through these challenging times and in turn restore their confidence and help get them back on their feet and into work.”

Shaw Trust helps those struggling to find work

In partnering with Shaw Trust, Indeed has found an organisation and team just as dedicated and committed to our mission of helping people get jobs.

“Shaw Trust’s mission focus is on improving people’s lives through rewarding and purposeful employment” said Chris Luck, CEO of Shaw Trust.

Luck sees this partnership as an exciting opportunity to engage those jobseekers most impacted by the disruption of the past 12 months, “We are pleased to be partnering with Indeed and helping to share our insights and expertise to support the thousands of people who are discouraged or nervous about getting into the workplace. By building the individual’s confidence we aim to build a better Britain and create a society where good employment is accessible to all, irrespective of life circumstances.”

Addressing the confidence barrier

The announcement comes at a critical time for people looking to work: job vacancies have declined significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19 and competition for roles has increased. Redundancies have soared and unemployment is rising.

At the same time, new Indeed research found there is a growing sense of “discouragement” among UK jobseekers. We surveyed 2,000 people to examine the state of mind of both employed and unemployed people across the UK when it comes to searching for work and found:

  • Most jobseekers (51%) said they did not believe there was a job out there for them
  • More than half (52%) said that they don’t believe they’ll be successful
  • Overall, more than a quarter (26%) of jobseekers rate their self-belief levels as low
  • More than four in 10 (44%) don’t feel confident when it comes to searching and applying for jobs

‘Confidence Ambassador’

To help lower the confidence barrier, Indeed and Shaw Trust have appointed a new ‘Confidence Ambassador’, a role born out of the realisation that confidence and a growth mindset play a key role in finding a job.

Renata Graver, who is Shaw Trust’s Chief of Staff, will assume the role of Confidence Ambassador to foster self-belief among discouraged jobseekers. She said: “I know from personal experience it’s hard to keep going when your self esteem is low, but the more confidence you have in yourself the better your chances of success.”

“I’ve witnessed it for myself time and again working with people who had given up hope before we helped them identify their own value. It starts with confidence but can lead to a new career, a new start and a whole new life for them and their families,” Graver said.

Providing more supports for UK jobseekers

In response to these survey findings, Indeed and Shaw Trust will co-host a series of jobseeker focused sessions called “Job Search Workshops.”  These sessions will offer advice to jobseekers on how to overcome confidence and self-belief challenges, as well as practical tips on job search, CV creation, and application guidance.

Beyond these initial events, Indeed will work with the Shaw Trust team over the course of 2021 to complement some of their existing jobseeker offerings with the addition of Indeed technology, data, insights, and access to a network of employers – solutions designed to improve outcomes for their jobseekers.

Abbey Carlton, Indeed’s Head of Social Impact, is looking forward to working closely with yet another amazing partner organisation, “We know from partnerships in places like the United States, where we work with Goodwill Industries International, that jobseekers facing barriers benefit from a whole range of supports when it comes to their job search, CV creation, interview preparation, and understanding of what roles and industries are hiring in their area. Solving for these challenges will be the focus of our work with Shaw Trust in the coming year.”

Resources for jobseekers

If you’re a jobseeker looking for support, why not check out some of the resources below that may be of interest: