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How the Healthcare Industry Works

How the healthcare industry works

In 2012, healthcare spending in the UK totaled £144.5 billion, 9.2% of GDP. Today, the public and private healthcare sectors employ close to 3 million people, making it one of the largest areas of employment in the nation. Growth in …

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The Hollywood Effect on Job Search

Job searches for “stockbroker” after Wolf of Wall Street premiere

This week, the Oscar and BAFTA award-winning The Wolf of Wall Street was released on DVD. As it turns out, Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance didn’t just earn him these impressive accolades, it also had jobseekers interested in his character’s lucrative career.…

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Job Search Trends This Holiday Season

The surge in shopping and festivities around the holidays combine to create seasonal needs for employers and flexible opportunities for jobseekers. With more traffic and more jobs than any other site in the UK, Indeed has seen the demand for …

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